March 5th, 2003

Trouble with Netscape

Been having major problems with a website (not uploaded yet). I made some button rollovers in Fireworks but most of them won't display in Netscape (newest version) though they work perfectly in Netscape. I am wracking my brain trying to figure this out and I am kind of on a deadline. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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(no subject)

I dunno... I have a job where I think one of the managers hates me... and is out for blood... It's almost the end of the year and I want to quit and enjoy being a senior before my chance is gone.. but I really am going to need money for prom and for all the shows I want to go to and the things I wanna do this summer. What should I do guys???
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(no subject)

I have a question, I have a friend that is pro ana, and she weights 60 pounds and she's trying to get to 48 again, I have been doing my best to tell her that she is fine where she is,but she tells me that i don't understand, because I don't come for the smae family back ground that she does, and she has to do this, because she has no support for her family, I have been trying to tell her that I understand more than she thinks and I can't bring myself to tell her that I have anorexia too, I want her to get help or at least make the effort because I have lost 1 to many friends to eating disorders, I am I wrong for caring about her so much, I guess what I really need to know that the things that I am doing are not going on heard...would you guys feel the same if you had a friend like her.....
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UFO sightings

Cross posted from my journal:

I just started watching the mini-series Taken that aired back in November/December last year and something came to mind. Back in the day, the Air Force denied the existence of UFOs and used the cover story of falling weather balloons as a possible cause of the sightings. The thing is, since the wide spread use of DOppler Radar, we no longer use weather balloons. With the decline of weather balloon use I would assume that we also had a decline in UFO sightings. Could it be that the Air Force was not lying to us?
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a bit of a strange question

So, my roommate is working on this really cool art project... and we're looking for a font on the computer. Now... it's the English letters... but written in a style so that it looks like Japanese Katakana. Does anyone know what this font is called?

If you do.... please let me know. She really needs to know because she's trying really hard to find it but doesn't know what it's called.
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Really ramdom

for all ye who have gone to college, or have advice..
Time to turn in corse requests for next year and im currently in a debate..
How important is a third year of a language?
Head of the department says it is really glaring if some one only has two years, But if you fight through it.. do should you continue the fight.. for an average grade?
I realize some colleges require 3 years.. some dont.. so im asking a wider rage of people here.. than im asking at school. :)
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Could I be more vague?

Okay I'm not sure what the odds that anyone will be able to answer this are, but ya'll are so damn good I thought I'd give it a shot.

The other night when we flipped to the radio they were playing an entire cd, but they didn't interrupt to say the cd was by. All I know is this:

They (and I don't know if it was more than one) were female

One of the songs was with a guy and contained the phrases "Wake me up" and "Save me from myself"... I think.

One of the songs was really pianoish.

So yeah, that's it. *L* I wish I could remember more but I was fighting sleep and couldn't remember crap. Help?
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