March 3rd, 2003


Why didn't Thierry Breton go to local businesses for finance?
What is the deal with this whole Ecole/universite thing?
Who exactly came up with it in the first place? And what was their job at the time?
Why do good ideas for where to ask for information only come to me at the last minute?
And finaly: How can I find another 250 words to say about Futuroscope in French by tommorow?
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You must E to be free

How may e-mail addresses have you had in your lifetime? I think I'm up to 8 personal (including 2 from college), 2 from employers, and four that were just aliases of other addresses. How do you rate compared to me?

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Alright.. a silly one here...

If Jimmy cracked corn, and no one cared.. why did anyone write a song about it??


(Ive got to ask another horror movie question)
Anyone know when Freddy vs. Jason comes out?? ( I hear they butchered it by putting that chick from destinys child in there.. (not that shes bad and all but....)
(or) When house of 1000 corpses comes out? Did any studio finally pick it up?
Reese - The girl everyone likes

oh dear

It's a little late in the game now, but um... how do you manually partition a hard drive? I'm thinking this FDISK thing is the way to go, but I'm not sure.

A little background: I already formatted the drive, so everything's gone. All that's showing right now is assumably DOS. (Yes, I genuinely have no idea what I'm doing, but obviously that hasn't stopped me!) I have an 8 gig hard drive, which is about 7.6 gigs realistically, and I want it in 4 partitions- 2 gig, 2 gig, 2 gig, and 1.6 gig. I have... drum roll please... a Windows 95 disc, with the 98 upgrade disc as well.

What is this Logical DOS and Extended DOS drive stuff? Should I install the OS, then try and partition the drive? When does the FAT32 stuff come into play?

[Edit]: It says things like "Invalid system disk." I can't do anything. Help?
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Member a couple years back when the Disney cartoon "Mulan" came out, McDonalds had a special Asian sauce with chicken nuggets for a couple weeks? Anyone member the name of that sauce? It was yummy.