March 1st, 2003


A few questions

How much does the Earth weigh?

Is the Earth gaining or losing weight over time?

If I am in geosynchronous orbit and I throw an object toward the Earth, will it hit?

I find it hard to believe that astronauts don't do this all the time. I think the temptation would be irresistable. It's like standing by a beautiful lake. Eventually, you're going to want to skip a rock into it. And astronauts must release things into orbit all the time. I can't imagine that none of the astronauts have done this. I would bet the object released would typically be a golfball.

There has to be a golfball or two in orbit. I would imagine an astronaut saying, "Well, that there golfball was one my father hit a hole-in-one with at the Maywood Country Club in Macon, Georgia in 1947. Pops kept it on his desk until the day he --sniffle-- 'til the day he --sob-- --sniffle-- ... I'm sorry, folks."

fashion question. =)

can someone help me find the perfect pair of girl pants? comfy pants, yet pants that could possibly be worn in a professional setting. fitted at the waist, big at the bottoms preferably. borderline mc hammer pants from back in the day, remember those? only flared bottoms. solid colors or patterned, doesn't matter. I would appreciate website suggestions for purchase preferably. ;) p.s. I'm a broke grad student, keep that in mind! nothing over $100?
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<3 Boston

(no subject)

Milk comes with a "sell by" date on it. so whats that date really mean? you really do have to sell it by then? when does it go icky bad in relation to that date? i just fear the milk after the date has passed. but i fear that may be wasteful. any insight for me?

(no subject)

ok... Im not sure if this has already been talked about, but did anyone see that thing on tv a while ago about how some scientists think we didnt really land on the moon? (I was wondering how many of you out there think its just one of the many clever hoaxes in the 'government conspiracy' category?

Media Player?

Anyone know of a good free media player? I have realone player, but it recently crashed and renamed a bunch of my media files, switching names around. Actually, if anyone knows of a way to solve that, that would be great too. Thanks!
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