February 26th, 2003



Hello TQC,

So I secured a week-and-a-half off of work on the hope that my Cubs would be in the world series so that I could be in Chicago to celebrate if necessary.  As we know now, there will be no such world series.

So, now I have a week-and-a-half and nowhere to go!  Tell me, friends... Where should I go?

Here's a little background info:
I'm from Indiana.
I have a passport.
I have a car, but it's 15 years old so I'm wary of driving it super-super far (but I like nice long drives).
I don't have a ton of money but I want to do something fun.  Let's say I wouldn't want to spend more than $500 on transportation and maybe another 500 on other stuff.
I want to have a life experience at another place, whether it's an american city or a country or whatever.
I study world music (and love it).
I want to come back feeling refreshed and happy to have gotten the heck away from here.

Help, TQC!

Downloading Ring tones *???*

I have a nokia 3390 cellphone (just got it) and I found this awesome ring tone of shooting star, you know the song from dance dance revolution, but I have no idea how to download it.

Does it depend on my service provider and all that nonsense? Or, well, I dunno... how do I get it on my phone?