February 23rd, 2003

  • kalei

Any graphically talented people in here?

If you were going to try and make a coupon that looked like a 20 dollar bill, would you use Photoshop or Fireworks? I'll consider other programs, especially if they're easier for graphical noobs like me, but if they're similar I'd like to stick with what I've got installed.

End of Eva


I hate to do this, but we obviously need a reminder.

Please, please, please, please READ THE RULES before posting a question here. Lately I have had to delete a string of questions that were directly pertaining to Livejournal. If you have a question about Livejournal, please read LJ's FAQ, and if that does not answer your quesiton, then go to Support. The links for these places can be found on our User Info along with our rules. Thank you.

Now, my question.

How many of you are/were in college? What is/was your major/degree?
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dumpy bunny

while watching the grammy's

Does it make anybody else mad when country singers/groups cover songs that you KNOW a bunch of country fans are going to think are original songs? (For examples, when stupid Faith Hill covered Angie Aparo's "Cry" and the Dixie Chicks doing "Landslide.")

Of course this isn't specific to country songs; I recently heard the Counting Crows do Joni Mitchell's "Big Yellow Taxi" but it didn't make me as mad because I like the Counting Crows okay and they didn't butcher her song.

(no subject)

What does it mean to shoot yourself in the foot? Like have something back fire? If anyone read my previous post about biting your tail, this is the closest that I could get to it.
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