February 22nd, 2003

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Let it all out

On average how often do you think you cry? And if you don't mind saying so, are you male or female?

(My boyfriend and I were talking about crying and emotions, so... yeah.)

I cry at least once a month, if not more, and yeah, I'm a girl
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Do you talk to yourself?

I do, sometimes I imagine a confrontation with someone and I'll say my responses to the person out loud, and people just look at me weird. Like I'm doing the dishes and I'll say "what the hell are you getting on with!?!". Hopefully talking to yourself is healthy...
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fortunes all around

do u ever make up parallel outcomes for everything you do? like, coming out of the subway, when youre trying to keep a steady pace sprinting up the escalator, and you start realllyyyy getting worn out, and you say to yourself, or that voice says or whatever "if i keep going and show enough strength and drive and stamina to get to the top of the escalator without stopping, i will have as much determination and sucess in life!". do you ever put that rather...imaginary pressure of little things? or am i just lame?
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