February 21st, 2003



do you feel like you care about things?
the things that take up so much space and energy to care about. ie:missing the bus. so on and so forth.
what do you think makes you care?
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dumpy bunny

money money money

1) Here in Georgia we have the HOPE scholarship, funded by the Lottery, which pays tuition for students that live in GA and have a high enough GPA in high school. Do any other states have programs like this?

2) What are gas prices like where you're at? In middle GA they're around $1.55/gallon.

who needs terrorists...

...when you have dumb people running rock clubs?
Look for the exits when you arrive, ask if they're unlocked.
If you have a band, don't use fancy pyrotechnics in a smaller club, even if you think you used to be big. Don't even use smoke any more, people would probably panic and trample one another.
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