February 19th, 2003

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Is it sad that I'm basically selling my soul to relatives for the next few years.. Just to get a new laptop so I can take my sims with me on vacation?
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Inkjet refills

Anyone ever have any luck with these things? I just tried refilling my black cartridge (Lexmark X83 fyi), and it failed miserably. When I cleaned the print head, ink came out on the paper, but after that, nothing.

The same thing happened a few months ago with my color cartridge, and I made a mess to boot.

I guess you get what you pay for, but I see so many of those darned kits on the market you have to figure SOME of them must work, right? I bought these kits from a store that services printers too.

Anyone have a good experience with a particular brand of these kits? Mine are from a company called InkTec. I can't stand paying $30 for a cartridge that barely lasts a few months (with VERY little printing, I might add). Not to mention, unfortunately, right now I can't even afford new cartridges.

serious research

I'd like to know how long people have been doing "rabbit ears" behind each others' heads. Did this start with photographs? Ask the oldest people you know if they remember this as kids! (My mom, who's 87, swears kids did it when she was young.) Is there a real name for this? Does it have any significance, or, if so, has its meaning changed?
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