February 18th, 2003

fat smoke

Spinal Tap

I had a spinal tap in December. It apparently took the doc something like 8 times to get it right. It isn't an achy hurt, but if my S/O is rubbing my back and toushes the spot it shoots pain all up and down my back, same thing if I sit in a chair that touches that spot. So, here is my question: has anyone here had a spinal tap, and if so, how long before you back stopped hurting?
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damn snow

for all those people who live in the north east, as i do, or any other place which is snowing.

how much has the snow, depending on quantity, has fucked your life up?
or is it just mine...
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Another morbid question.

A long time ago it was custom to take post mortem pictures. While I think this was a very strange thing to do, I have to wonder why they did it, and why we don't do it now?
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