February 16th, 2003

Loveless - Ritsuka and Soubi (Kiss me)


To be honest I have never been a fan of this, but now it has caught my interest in a strange way. My question is: how many laps are there to be fufilled? is there only one race and that's it or do they do other races until they win a championship? which one is your favorite NASCAR driver?

Ee. I'm embarrassed *-_-*
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Anyone work at Barnes and Noble? I thought about applying there but I was first curious about the employee discount.

Other than that, what are some chain-type places you have worked at and what was the employee discount like?

Eowyn and Theodred? A LotR question...

In the movie The Two Towers, were Eowyn and Theodred supposed to be romantically involved? (For those who don't know, Theodred was Theoden's son, the one who was killed by orcs and carried in by Eomer.)

Eowyn seemed very distraught over his injury and death--it was obviously she had deep feelings for him. Otoh, they were first cousins, and Eowyn, Eomer and Theodred were probably raised as close as siblings. On the other other hand, it's not unheard of for first cousins to intermarry in some families.

So, what were they? Brother-sister cousins, or kissing cousins?
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