February 15th, 2003



Don, Tom, Ben, Sam and Pat, drove their AUDI, FORD, SAAB, LANCIA and HONDA respectively into the Golf Course car park. As they got out of their cars, they all realized one of them did not belong in this group.

Question is...
Who did not belong in the group? (Answer : ???)
The only hint it gave was it has something to do with the cars.


Oh, this riddle is coming from Australia, so all the cars are foreign, not just the non-Fords.
  • kalei


Is it legal for a company to issue paychecks without a stub? I just started a job, and that's how my checks have come. Not to mention, I'm not happy with the amounts, but what else is new.

I just got turned away from a check cashing place because of lack of a stub too. The checks are computer printed and look very generic.

I feel like a 3rd class citizen, I can't even get a freaking check cashed. *sigh*