February 13th, 2003



does anyone have a quick cure for a toothache? the only one I've heard of is to rub a tylenol along the tooth..

I don't know why I always get toothaches on my front teeth.
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Anti V-day

My friend's boyfriend is going out of town over V-day weekend and so we're going to have a movie night. We're looking for anti love movies. anyone know of any?
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Internet Explorer 6

I'm running Internet Explorer, and have the following question:

When I double-click an internet shortcut on my desktop (or select a webpage from my Favorites in the Start menu) and I already have an IE window open, it loads that link into whatever page I already have open.

How do I make IE open shortcut links in a NEW window?

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hmmm, is there any scientific reason why people Procrasinate? I doubt there is, but unless you question it ya never know! Plus if there is and I can do something about it, I'll be much happier ;)
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Cemetery question

I have a question regarding cemeteries, particularly older ones.

I'd noticed this before but it hadn't really clicked until I was in a cemetery today that had several graves dating back to the 1800's. I noticed that there was a family there, and I was paying particular attention to the grave of a small child. (I was taking pictures.) I took a picture of the larger gravestone with the inscription and everything on it, but then I noticed a smaller gravestone a few feet in front of that had the same name on it. And then I noticed in front of all the families' graves there were smaller stones in front of them with the corresponding initials.

Does anyone know why this was done? I only notice it in older cemeteries though, I don't think it's ever done anymore.
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