February 11th, 2003

If you had to choose..

a) get in a severe car accident within the next five years, in which you will be injured (possibly severely), but not permanently.
b) get an incurable, probably deadly disease (cancer, AIDs, etc.) five years from now.

And a follow up question...if you chose option A, and it had been one day short of the five years, would you actually go out and get into an accident on purpose to prevent yourself from ending up with option B by default?

I hope that's clear. O_o; It's a random question my best friend and I have been kicking around for years.
jill shadow

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My husband and I have decided to do absolutely nothing for Valentine's Day. We're getting eachother a card, but that's it. We're not even getting a babysitter for our daughter. We're just sitting at home like any other normal day.

What are you doing for Valentine's Day?

They say the average 19-24 year old spends $184.85 on this silly holiday. Can you believe that?!
Reese - The girl everyone likes

any decent nationwide isps?

I'm really not liking AOL, and my free trial is over in about 3 days, so are there any decent dial-up ISPs that you guys use? I have a laptop with a 56k card, and while I know I'm not running at 115 like AOL says I am, the one local ISP I tried connecting to with this card only gave me about 28.8 or 33.6. :(

In case it matters, I definitely don't want any pop-up ads that HAVE to run on my computer, and I don't need all this junk AOL gives me. I just need to connect and use my Internet Explorer without it suddenly changing preferences (thanks, AOL!)
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