January 31st, 2003

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Old English Characters

I'm trying to type up an assignment using Microsoft Word, and I need to type some phrases in Old English - does anybody know if there is a font which will let me use old English characters? Or if I can download one from somewhere? I'll need full instructions, sorry to be so ignorant but I'm hoplesss at computer-type stuff.... I also need some IPA symbols. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Ryou [Miko-chan!]
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(no subject)

Karasu says:
Why do people say "can I ask you something?"? Isn't that asking something right there?
Michi says:
ask that in thequestionclub

So. Anyone?
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input needed

Any advice for job-hunting after a serious illness? (lymphoma)
Husband digusted with job, would prefer an employer who actually paid him, as opposed to screwing up the paychecks and the hours. Virtual time card aren't too efficient, it seems, especially when the payroll people are in another state.
How much do you tell? Warn about monthly checkups which require (short)time off? Will they be scared off by the possible recurrence? Is this all a bad idea? It would be nice for him to get paid normally, however. He could continue his present health insurance and not have to switch and trip over the pre-existing condition...if the new place paid him enough.
Anyone been through this?
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(no subject)

just a thought:
would you rather to have a lot of friends but not be very close with them or have a few and be really close to them?

with which situation would you feel worst if all your friends left you.

what is your personal opinion on this matter?
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