January 30th, 2003

jill shadow

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My husband and I, like thousands of others, have decided to start the new year with a workout program, but we're really not sure what to do. He can't run, because he has bad knees. We really want to work on toning, especially abs. Does anyone know of a good webbsite or any other ideas that will tell us some good things to do?
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Pleeeeeeease help!

Does anyone know where I can find anything to do with the role that the care-giver/parent plays in the acquisition of child language?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks folks!

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Stargazer Lily


Is it possible to be single and happy? (yes, i know it is.. but i am like so co-dependent emotionally.. that i feel depressed if i am single.. but i won't settle for just ANYONE.)

Just wanting some coping stratagies... or w/e
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I use Direct Connect thru a hub on my campus to DL episodes of South Park... the problem is that I'm only getting sound but no picture! I've tried to play them in Winamp and Windows Media Player... but nothing works! I've tried downloading at least 30 different episodes from different people... but none of them work.
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