January 24th, 2003



Thank you all so very much for your warm and helpful respons to my early survey it helped me a great deal to focus one where i should go with this presentation! the fallowing is a questionnaire, i'm sorry it's a bit lengthy, but i would greatly appreciate it if you could fill out the questions and then email the responses to me at daveewo@prodigy.net.

i'm planing on doing a slide show presentation on Sexuality, focusing mainly on how gender and age affect sexuality. at first i wanted to do it on sexuality and how age and gender affected fetish, but that would have been too complicated to tackle (not that this isn't!) any and all answers i get will be greatly appreciated and very helpful! when i'm done with the research and i'm going to be presenting the slide show i will be letting all the communities that i've cross posted in know as they will all be welcome to come to it. if you don't feel comfortable answering the questions then by all means pass up the questionnaire, and if you feel this is innappropriate for one of the communitee's i've posted in then please take it up with the community mediator.

you can comment on any confusion you may have with questions on this post, but please email your answers to me at daveewo@prodigy.net this way everyone's answers will be confidential. i will not quote you by name in the slide show, but i may quote you by Livejournal, or LJ community name.

thanks again for all your help,
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javascript/html question

okay, here's the situation:

i used javascript to make rollovers on an image map. when i view the map alone, it looks fine. but when i add the map to a pre-existing html document, the rollovers look like they've shifted about a pixel or so, making everything look like it moves when you roll over it.

does this make sense? the rollovers are SUPPOSED to just change the color of a certain square, but instead, it looks like the whole square is moving. (the color changes too, but why the appearance of movement?)

why is it doing this?!

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last time i asked about cellulite, every said to rub it, except one person who provided a link to a drug company site that said the only way to cure it was to use to medicine sold by that company. kinda sketchy.

does anyone know for sure or have any success stories of destroying cellulite? any ideas?
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A shrubbery!

My boyfriend is going to have to travel some with his work, I knew it before he got hired there (b/c it's the same type thing as my dad and he's gone a lot) but I just recently got, what I think is a nifty idea.

I want him to get me something from every place he goes, but something that he can easily get basically anywhere. Something like, a leaf or something that won't look super crappy later on. I want to put them all in a book or something. ^_^

So my question is, what should it be? Do you think I could preserve a flower well enough for it to look pretty (press it or something) or maybe a leaf would be better. I think a blade of grass would be too boring personally.

Quick! He leaves Monday! ^_^
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I need some recommendations for a good pair of headphones. They need to sound good with accurate sound reproduction and low distortion, be durable, comfortable enough. Total blocking of ambient sounds isn't really necessary. Actually, that might be a bad thing, seeing as people could come up behind me and scare the crap out of me :-P But that can be dealt with if they're good headpones.

Oh yeah, one more thing. They need to be cheap. $30 absolute max, something around $20 would be nice.

The last several pairs of headphones I've had have all died in one ear after awhile. Very annoying, definitely not something I want, especially if I'm actually paying for them this time. :-P

Thanks ^_^
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