January 15th, 2003



Do you believe in life on other planets?
If aliens visit our planet regularly, do you think they're offended that we never visit them?
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When looking for a job in smaller type stores and cafes and whatnot, is it appropriate to ask the person working for an application, or should you ask to see a manager and find out if they are hiring first, or what? I have seen, I think, people just walk up and ask for applications. Or maybe I'm confused. I dunno.
Stargazer Lily

We've got all the ?'s....

I love this community.. and was wondering:

Since this is a 'questionclub' most of us ask or think about a lot of random stuff and questions begin from there...

do any of you do this in your daily life? i.e. at work... ? or at home? I do this at work all the time.. and people at work have jokingly tried to limit me to 5 questions in a lunch hour or something like that...

Just wondering if you guys ask random questions in 'real life' and what the reaction has been...
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