January 10th, 2003

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let's go sit on a dead cow!

Do any of ya'll have leather furniture, and if so what do you think about it? I'm told it's really hot and sticky in the summer and cold in the winter.

((note: This is definately a question for my boyfriend, personally I can't stand the thought of leather furniture, but he's thinking about getting it.))
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random//my dumb face

Gameshark questions

I go on little trips where I ask questions constantly, then I have days where there's none... so yeah, sorry for so many questions lately.

But I was wanting to get a Gameshark to use on my copy of Silent Hill, the problem is, it's a PS1 game and I play it on a PS2. I know a PS1 Gameshark won't work on PS2 games, but will it work on PS1 games played on a PS2? (Dear god that was confusing!) And if not, does a PS2 Gameshark work on PS1 games played on a PS2?

Or am I just screwed if I'm not playing Silent Hill on a PS1? 'Cause the family PS1 isn't hooked up anymore and my boyfriend sold his altogether.
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I first wondered this ages ago and no-one seems to have an opinion or know :(...

Are snails just slugs with shells?
It seems really stupid that I don't know.
Surely they must be just slug shaped with a shell. If they had more uhm flesh? to them, they wouldn't be able to curl up into their shell would they? But, if they are just slugs in a shell, how does the shell stick to the snail???
*hopes for an answer*
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Poor man's advertising

Here's a different question -

What are your feelings about finding flyers on your car?

I admit that sometimes they annoy me, but other times I read them and possibly file them away for future reference, especially if they have a coupon on them.

I need to get a little business rolling (I want to buy and re-sell video games), and I can't afford to put out a lot of advertising money right now. I made up a small flyer that basically says I'll pay cash for used video games. It's a little bigger than a business card.

My main concern is staying legal. I've been trying to find out if it's legal to do this in my county/city, and I can't find any specific rules about distributing flyers.

Another concern, obviously, is that I don't want to just annoy the crap out of all my potential customers. If I get angry phone calls I guess I'd stop, and I plan to doublecheck all the parking lots I cover to pick up flyers that people have thrown on the ground. I don't want to contribute to littering.

Sorry for the length, but I wanted to get some feedback on this idea. If any of you think this is a really bad idea, do you have any alternative suggestions for inexpensive ways to distribute flyers?

Thanks for reading.
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(no subject)

Last nite someone told me (verbally) about a site and gave me the URL, and I all remember is the dot net part. The site is something about a mass email type thing where you get your friends on it and then you can send out emails or something, I think. I want to say it was p-word something, maybe like p-wordworld.net?

Ring a bell to anyone? Thanks a mil!