January 7th, 2003

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what are the different types of record players/turntables (is there a difference?)? i plan to purchase one to play mostly 7"s, but also older larger sizes? is there a kind that plays almost all records?

forgive my late nineties digital audio mindset. it's lame, i know.
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I've been meaning to get a domain name for ages, and I've finally actually gotten the motivation to do so. I've probably discussed this with some of you before, namely silvermask, but I suppose it can't hurt to get more input on the subject:

1.) Who's a decent doman registrar?

2.) Who's decent for hosting? I need the following:

  • PHP

  • Perl

  • Database(s) -- preferably PostgreSQL or MySQL

  • 100-250 megs of space, <= 5 GB/month transfer

  • A shell account would be nice, but not necessary

  • Virtual servers/subdomains are also a plus
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Have you ever ordered something through CafePress? How long did it take to get to you? My order was shipped 2 weeks ago... I thought it was unlikely it would take the "up to 4 weeks" they said for international orders.

It's not like I live in an igloo or something! (contrary to popular American belief ;)