January 2nd, 2003


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so what's up with global warming?
i've heard so many people say that it's a really serious problem, whereas i've heard lots of people say that its not even real...soooo, what do you guys think?
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ferrets and furry things

Does anyone else wish The Question Club was a real life place with a real club house? Sort of like a bingo hall.

Also, why are ferrets still illegal in California, but legal in 48 other states (Hawaii being the exception)? The concerns I can think of, stray/feral ferrets and environmental impacts, have been presumably answered by other states since they have legalized ferrets.

My own opinion is that ferrets are no more deadly to local environments than cats (or snakes) are. According to a DFG report, there is virtually no trace of feral ferret activity, as only three states reported "suspected breeding in the wild". Hah. It also seems they must be spayed/neutered for health and musk reasons, so there wouldn't be an out-of-control stray population as with cats. Furthermore, the ferret is generally recognized and classified as a domesticated animal - why is the Department of Fish and Game getting involved in the first place?
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Theoretically speaking, let's say you wanted to park wherever you felt convenient, regardless of fire hydrants, no parking zones, and so on.

If you had already gotten a parking ticket for some other offense, would it keep you from getting another parking ticket to leave that one on your windshield?

(My theory is, the traffic officer would think you were already busted for parking wherever you were, and leave you alone)

or other interesting suggestions
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Is it normal for a guy to get a hard-on whilst not being aroused ... by anything obvious?

If/when it happens to you, what do you do.. to cover it up, or do you simply not care/pay attention to it?
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this is stupid, but it's bothered me for years. what's that song where in the beginning he says "the angel opens her eyes" and then in the chorus it always ends off with "I can feel it"? I think somewhere in there he also says "chasing the wind" and then something about the center of earth. I always hear this song in like stores and stuff but never know who it's by. anyone know what the song's called?