January 1st, 2003

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Is there any point to keeping class materials from my undergrad degree? I doubt I will need any of this stuff in the future, in the unlikely event that I ever had to remember any of it I would instinctively return to the library.

But for some reason, I just want to hold onto it at least until I am accepted into grad school.

What did you do with your old materials (notes, homework, syllabus, flashcards, etc.)?
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Why is music such a central force? Or, to rephrase. Think about it. Everyone likes music. Not all the same music, sure - but everyone has music that they like, that they love. Not true? I dare you to find someone who doesn't like any music at all. I know I've never met anyone like that.

What is it about music that everyone likes it?
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We look back at the 70's, 80's, etc. and wonder "What the hell were they thinking?" when we look at their various fads and whatnot. So what do you think they'll look back on in the future and think "what the hell were they thinking?" Originally I was gonna make this the 90's, but let's say the 90's and what we've had of the 00's. (That looks weird.)

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Imaginary Shopping

Every time the new IKEA catalog comes out, I go through it thinking "If I had the money I'd get that...and that....and that....and that...". I call it Imaginary Shopping.

So my question is: If you won the lottery and could buy everything you wanted, which catalog or store would you tear through like there's no tomorrow?
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