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1. I had to get rid of my old tv cause it died on me. So my mom's friend let us borrow her old Samsung tv until we got a new one. I set it up, attached the cable and it won't turn on. I mean...when I was plugging the wire stuff in, I heard it when you turn on/off the tv. I know it's definitely not the cable cause when I press the cable button, the display channel shows. When I turn the tv on, nothing comes up. If I wait awhile, do you think it would work? If I called the cable company, would they know what the problem was?

Nevermind this question, the cable guy is coming on Tuesday to fix my TV.

2. What's one song you could listen to all the time and never get sick of it?

3. What does your SO do? (Job wise.) And if you don't have a SO...what does your crush or ex do?

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