Lady Lazarus (cagedwriter61) wrote in thequestionclub,
Lady Lazarus

Sorry for posting twice within a few hours, but I decided to ask this here, after contemplating it for a while.

I submitted a short story to a magazine's fiction contest last year, the dealine being December. In the instructions, which were printed in the issue featuring last year's winner, it said that "the winners will be notified by mail in 2007" (not specifying a month) and for a list of the winners "send a SASE after March 15."

Now, I sent the envelope but have received no list. They haven't released anything in regards to the contest on either their website or in any recent issues, it already being April, and last year the winning story was featured in the June issue, which is released in May.

What I'm wondering is -- what should I do? Keep waiting? Send another SASE for a list request?
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