December 30th, 2002

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okay so here's the deal. I've limited my food comsumption to spaghetti, bread, soy nut butter, potatos, juices, fruits, and veggies. I'd like to be growing as much of my food as possible in order to avoid pestisides and stuff. I unfortunatly live in a condo in an old folks neighborhood where growing vegetables is completely against the rules, and doing so would cause an uproar among said geriatrics (and I'd probably be asked to move and/or pay for the "damage").

So I'm wondering, is there a way to grow fruits and/or vegetables inside in a small, relatively sunless environment?

Damn right I cross posted. You'll live.


How do you approach someone that you know is lying to you without causing an argument or causing them to get defensive and turn the situation around on you?
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Does anyone know what's going to happen to the band Orgy (gotta specify *L*) now that Bobby Hewitt has left to join Snake River Conspiracy?

And just say it to yourself: "Bobby left Orgy to join Snake River Conspiracy with his twin brother Fabio."

Now other than being really sad because I love Orgy and I love Bobby (though I would have cried if it was Amir who left) that sounds pretty damny funny. Oh, and I love SRC too, so it's not totally bad. ^_^
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MISC: Go Ask Alice

Music recovery

Today my computer crashed.

I lost absolutely everything.
Does anyone know of a good MP3 site that has a wide variety of songs available for download?

Thanks in advance.
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Sound recording

I want to record audio from my cassette player (yeah, I'm old school) onto my computer. What is a good program to do this?

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