December 29th, 2002

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Why are teenagers so often discriminated against by older people?
Why should teenagers respect their elders if their elders can't respect them, or even see them as anything but criminals and hoodlums?
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I have to do a college project, for my parenting class, since I'm a senior. Well.. I need some help with this. Does anyone know of websites where I can find the following info?

1) Checklist of stuff to take to college {must cover almost everything..}
2) Advice/Tips for seniors going off to college
3) What To Expect/etc.
4) We also have to make a section of stuff we want to take to college, complete with pictures, so I need some websites for that too.
5) Anything I forgot here that goes along w/ this type of project. I forgot my paper at school so I can't remember all the req's for it.

Thanks :)
back off pierre!

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whats the best/easiest/quickest way to get rid of an ear ache?

ouch. i have had the flu for a few days and im getting better but my right ear has all of a sudden started to hurt alot.

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Anyone have any ideas for a special and unique engagement gift? Or for a females 21st birthday? I want to get something memorable!
Thanks xxx
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Why is Orange Juice such a lovely thing when you have a cold? That's the only thing I want to drink when I have a cold (no Diet Vanilla Coke, no Bacardi Silver.) And chicken noodle soup. Why is that so soothing when I am sick??
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