December 28th, 2002


There was this tribute to a orchestra conductor on and also Paul Simon on tv last night. A well known opera singer got on stage and sang "Torreador" (or however you spell it!) from Carmen.

Can someone please either tell me the words to the song in English or tell me what the song is about? Just curious because I don't speak the language he sang it in and I am terrible at finding this stuff online- I already tried.

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Train Question

My sister and I are taking Amtrak on a trip.
We have a Sleeper car.
If my other sister had a coach ticket, could she come to our car?
could she nap there?

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Is there a way for me to tell who has added me to their AIM buddy lists? Or put another way, if I add somebody to my buddy list (but never IM them), can they tell?