December 26th, 2002

I'm new here

I just joined this community. I've been told that I ask too many questions, so this must be the place for me! I'll start with something very simple and innocent since I'm new - what can I use on my hair to make it shinier?
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you always hear of rinsing your hair with lemon juice to make it blonder, but what if you're sick of being a blonde and want to add a darker tint to your hair (naturally)?

and also, what is the best way to hang up posters so that they don't fall down after two hours (without damaging the wall or the poster)?

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The symptoms are fucked...

i checked up online, the symptoms of pregnancy vs. the symptoms of pms
and they're like, exactly the same...
so how do i know?

even as an early symptom of pregnancy, there can be light bleeding, which can often be mistaken for having your period, therefore not being pregnant...

so what do you think guys?
how do i know?


lets say that i, forgot to get my stepdad a xmas present and him and my mom are comming in town tomorrow. Alright, it might not have been mistaken, but i really need to get him something

what would you get a fat, oily, way-too-tan, perverted man. My mom was like get him boxers, but i'm afraid he'd take that present as a sexual...something and try to do me or something nasty. yea my moms stupid sometimes....

but he likes frogs...
but what should i get him?