December 16th, 2002

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First off I want to state that this question isn't boyband bashing in any way. No, I'm not a fan, but unless I'm trying to annoy my little sister I don't generally go around saying how they're gay and such. Now, on with the question:

I recently read in a magazine where one of the members of Nsync (I think Justin) made a comment about how people always say they're gay. His comment was that he could honestly say he'd never seen any of the other Nsync members' penises. I don't believe that. I don't believe that with all the time they tour together, living feet away from each other, all those years (it has been years hasn't it? oye!) that he never caught a glimpse of one of the other guys' naughty bits.

What is your opinion? (Especially guys.)

((I thought of this at 6:00 am while taking my little brother and sister to the bus stop on very little sleep... that's my excuse.)
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Does the carpet match the curtains?

This is mostly for the girls, but I guess guys can answer if they know something about this. Have any of you tried bleaching your pubic hair? For some reason, everywhere else my hair is like dark blonde, but down there it's pretty dark, and I feel like it looks out of place. Could I just get some hair dye and be really careful? Would the "roots" grow back really fast? Would it damage the hair or make it fall out or something? Any info or advice would be appreciated. :)
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