December 14th, 2002


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Anyone know why my Internet explorer won't animate .gif files? Examples including my mood icons on LJ, user pictures, and other things that are supposed to move but just don't.

Anyone have any idea how to fix it?
cute purpley chick

what to drink???

my boyfriend wants to drink on new years eve.

he wants Captain Morgans. is that stuff good?

i wanted margaritas. strawberry ones. or peach ones (he calls those girly drinks)

which do you think sounds better, oh wise ones?
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anus request

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Okay, I feel like I should already know this but I just bought a Chrysler Pt Cruiser....
*Does anyone know what the the "P.T." stands for?...

'Looked in the manual, no explanation that I could find unless I missed it.
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Computer problems.

I downloaded a movie the other day, and when I tried to open it, only the sound played. So I tried to open it with another program. And I wasn't paying attention, I guess since it's not my computer that I was using, and a little box was checked that said "Use this program to open this file EVERY time" ... Now here's the problem. The program says it doesn't understand the file. So now I can't figure out how to fix it so I can try another program. Anyone know anything about this? I'm extremely frustrated. I just want to watch the movie :\
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