December 13th, 2002


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Merry Christmas,
Happy Hanukkah,
Merry Kwanzaa,
Merry Yuletide,
and to you Voodoo Man, Happy Voodoo Day!

My question is, why is Christmas a national holiday? It is after all a religions holiday and therefore in violation of the Constitution. Does anyone have the straight dope on this, I've wondered for years.
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Happy Feet

I'm trying to think of somewhere I'd like to go for vacation this summer. Does anyone have a particular favorite vacation or vacation spot? I'm somewhat torn between the options of a road trip around the U.S., a trip to Cozumel or somewhere in the Carribean, or some sort of European vacation, either hitting a lot of countries or just focusing on one particular.

Any thoughts on this? Thanks guys. :-)

Weird eye problems

Has anyone ever know of or heard of a person being both nearsighted and farsighted at the same time? I just found out that my boss is very nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in the other. She's constantly taking her glasses on and off depending on what she's doing.

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i hope i don't sound too ignorant; i don't know anything about firewalls.

do i have to enable one, or if i'm networked from a different computer, is that automatic? i have yahoo, and i set up my webcam. there is an option 'super mode' which fixes all the noise and bullshit that comes with a webcam's quality most of the time. well, you have to have cable/dsl (yes) and your friend that you have to connect to has to have super mode and cable also (yes) the only other problem would be a firewall. how do i get around this?
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I'm home from college for Christmas. Here at home we have DSL service, and I need to put in our DNS Server numbers inorder to get online from home. The problem is, I have Windows XP on my laptop and the booklet with the DSL instructions is for 95/98. Since XP hides EVERYTHING I can't find where to put in these numbers! When we first started my laptop it had a prompt in the beginning 'set up pages' for thoes numbers so i was able to enter them, but it erased them when i went to college.

The instructions I have are:
1. Click Start
2. click settings
3. Click on the Control Panel folder
4. Click Network icon
5. Click on the TCP/IP icon for your ethernet card
6. Click on the Properties button.

Ok, so I have a few less steps to open Control Panel, and there is no "Network" icon, but i opened "Network Connections" and the only icon in that folder is "Local Area Connection" so I click on it's properties, but there is no "TCP/IP" option, and no where to put in these numbers!

Please help me! ;_;

cross posted in randomquestions cause I'm desperate for an answer.
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A "popular American game"?

I have a pen pal in Russia, who has asked if I could send his 7-1/2 year old son a CD ROM of a "popular American game".

Since I don't have kids, I'm kind of clueless as to what's out there. Does anybody have any recommendations?
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hey! i just joined and think this is really cool. i asked my english teacher this today, and he wasn't so helpful, so maybe some of you people who love to read might be able to help me!

so, i am a freshman in highschool and so far we have read Catcher in the Rye, Of Mice and Men, and we are about to start Lord of the Flies. as you may or may not have noticed, they are all amzing books written my amazing authors. Male authors, might i add. My question is... Does anyone know of an amazingly good female novelist? My teacher recommended Little Women, and then... Beth Berge or something alone those lines. I am not heavy into hard reading... more simplistic reading is more my style (like Catcher in the Rye... oh i LOVE that book!). I don't know if such writing exsists. I am interested in writing and i love to and all, but i don't know of any majorly famous female authors that are famous for one or more of their novels. Any help will be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks so much!