December 7th, 2002

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help me!

I'm writing a research paper in Argentina and I would like to include the current crime rate, but all I can find is the crime rate for 2000, and thats before everything went rotten in Argentina. Where could I find an up-to-date statistic?

Oh god oh god please help me! I'm desperate!

please reply to the post or im me. (poemi2055)
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My Grandma used to say this rhyme and I can't remember all of it. You'd figure my mom would know but she doesn't, and for some reason it's driving me crazy. I'll post what I think I remember, and if anyone knows the rest please lemme know. (It's so silly!)

I eat my peas with honey
(I don't know this line)
It makes me peas taste funny
but it keeps them on the knife

Okay... I told you it was strange!!! *L* But it's just one of those things that will drive me nuts until I know!!!
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