December 4th, 2002


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when i right click on a link, i get "Open, Open in New Window, Save Target As..., Print Target"

has anyone ever actually used "Save Target As" ?
the only thing i find it useful for is to annoy me when i click it instead of Open In New Window
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Why do heat/airconditioner units have settings such as '80' and '50'? Who actually (other than my roommates) sets it to 80? and why would you set it to 50?
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I'm Really Curious...

When you respond to a comment or reply, do you go back to where it was written, or do you answer it from the e-mail notification?

I usually go back to where it was written.
I like to see the whole thing.
Yesterday was the first time I did it the other way.

Thanks Everybody :)
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Stargazer Lily


Why pink lemonade?

Also, does anyone know the story of how chocolate milk was invented?? how did strawberry, vanilla and bannana come into play??

what about peach milk? what are your feelings on that?

Cat Question

My cat is acting like she is in heat, but we had her fixed a few months ago. Does anyone know why she is acting like this? I'll probably call the vet tomorrow anyways, but I was just curious.
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I have a job interview tomorrow and i'm really nervous.
I've never been to one before.. Does anyone have any tips?
I seriuosly need this job or Christmas will not be in my budget this year.

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Does anyone know what happens to the Christmas tree in NYC in Rockefeller Center after the holidays are over? I heard one story that the tree is actually replanted somewhere so it lives on. But I've also heard that the tree dies and is destroyed. No particular reason for the question - I'm just really wondering if anyone knows the answer.