December 3rd, 2002


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Ok, big situation here:

My friend (Adam) and his girlfriend (Stephanie) who is also my friend, started going out this summer. They decided to keep the relationship going, and Stephanie became very distant from Adam, not talking to him, and always coming up with excuses when he called her. I heard from someone who talked to her that she was messing around on him. The question is: Should I tell him? I have many reasons NOT to do so, but I'm debating.

First of all, I have feelings for this guy, we're very goo friends and I've felt this way for a long time, so if I said anything to him, it would be totally unethical and biased mainly for the fact that I want him.

Second, he's been cheated on before and it would totally hurt him to hear it from someone else that his girl is messing around on him, though he thinks so already.

Thirdly, though I heard this information from a friend who was talking to her, it isn't information that I recieved straight from Steph, so I'm not totally sure.

I'm just so undecided. What would you do?
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Stargazer Lily


Do you think someone who is or was suffering from OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) tend to be a little uptight and tend to over react about certian things??

just curious