November 28th, 2002


Buy Nothing Day

Around my University, the OXFAM society has posted signs that advertise for "Buy Nothing Day" and I was wondering if anyone is actually going to buy nothing?

I'm contemplating this, I mean, what is the point? Is it just to prove that us, as a well-to-do nation can go an entire 24 hours without giving in to demands of stores and such?

I'd just like to know, who actually supports this?


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A childhood memory popped up in my head when I was sick about something my step-dad would do when he was sick...

I remember him asking my mother to put rubbing alcohol on his feet and hands and then one at a time he would have her light his foot or hand on fire then have her snuff it out quickly with a towel.

I don't know if this was some back-woods Mexican "cure" of if he was just f*cking nuts. What are your thoughts?
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Zim's stupid question for the day (or moment, or whatever):

If you were to meet yourself, would you be friends? (Meaning if you were to meet an exact duplicate of yourself, personality and all.)

I don't think I would... maybe.
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