November 14th, 2002

  • kalei

TV Watching

I'm contemplating making a change in my life. I need to save some money and be more productive, so I want to cut back my TV watching drastically. I'm thinking of returning my digital cable boxes and cutting the cable back to just expanded basic +HBO. God it hurts just to type that. I figure if I plan my TV viewing and restrict it to 2 hours per day max (maybe a little more on weekends for sports), I'll end up being a lot more productive, not to mention saving a good bit of money on the cable bill.

My question - has anyone else tried anything like this? What kind of results did you see, if any?
Loveless - Ritsuka and Soubi (Kiss me)
  • otohime

(no subject)

My fifteenth birthday is right there and I asked my sister to get me a perfume *_* problem is... I don't know which one to ask for! I used Romance from Ralph Lauren for an entire year so I don't want it again.

Could you recommend me any good women perfumes? ;)
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