November 5th, 2002

decisions decisions!

If you know about a political candidates's personal life, should that affect your voting decision?

ie: you think something someone does on a personal level is ridiculous.. maybe Hillary Clinton staying with Bill after he cheated on her and it started a scandal... and you think that that is an indication of her ethical or moral decisons which could/may translate into policatal you people think that that line of reasoning is reasonable or totally illogical?
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I have one of those huge, painful, deep zits under the surface of the skin on my chin. I don't break out very much, so I don't have any store-bought spot solutions or anything. Anyone have any homemade remedies?
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oh woe, this isn't another pointless SO questiion.
I have more than one question.
I have a best friend, named michael. We've been friends for ages, and we kind of began it all as this strange thing where we used to tell each other stuff even though we didn't know eachother, and now weve just been around for ages, I'm always around him, he's always around me, we constantly talk.
And today I came to school, and he barely spoke.
at recess he occupied himself with talking to Ryan, who he hates.
At lunch, i went to the art rooms like i always do. I asked some of my other friends to tell him where I was. they did, he didn't appear. I asked him where he was, and he said that he thought i'd be back- which I never am.
I went to my next class, and the friend that told him told me that he said he didn't want to be there.

What's with that?
And why do guys play the "hot one second, cold the next" game?
I've been told it's because of instinct, but noone explained it.

thanks for your time