November 4th, 2002

It's All Good
  • shippo

A question...

...and for once, not computer-related, either. :)

Did any of you have a hero (other than your parents) when you were a child? Someone who you wanted to be like, or follow in their footsteps?

For me, it was Thomas Edison. I thought he was the coolest person to have ever walked the planet. He was a genius, and invented over a thousand different things, including the incandescant light bulb and phonograph. In grade school I read books about him. I wrote reports about him. I wanted to invent lots of stuff, but I've never really had the itch that can only be scratched by invention. Go figure. :)
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attitude cat

(no subject)

i got a question:

if you could be anywhere else at this very moment (that you are reading this question) where would you like to be??

Since the Northeastern part of the US (New York for me) is royally screwed up in the weather department...and went from summer, totally skipped over fall and went right to winter...i would say that i wish i could be in the warmest place in the world right now - not humid - but warm-hot... i dont know where that would be - but anywhere warm with a beach and sun.... or if my bed was warm id take that too...
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Gotta have your music ready

"You gotta have your music ready, monsters can't get you if you have your music ready."

My question is this, when you enter something in the "Current Music" field, are you actually listening to music or are you like me and have a constant life soundtrack running in your head?
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2 questions:

1. Is there a limit to how many keywords a non-paying user can have?


2. On the commercial for the Axe Effect body spray, where you see a man in an elevator spray it on and walk out as a short geeky guy walks in, followed by an attractive woman who stops the elevator and ravages him, does anyone know anything about that song? I love it, I get so excited when it comes on.

Thanks. :-)
jill shadow


My husband put a wet washrag in the hamper, and mold grew on my daughter's shirt. I've tried Oxiclean and Clorox 2 to get it out, but they did not work. Anybody have other ideas? Please help.
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Does anyone know why a pregnancy test from the store might not be correct?
My doctor made me take a blood test today 'cause I'm so late (nearly 4 weeks) even though I've gotten 2 negatives from store purchased tests.
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