October 28th, 2002

Song question

So the english call the bathroom "The Loo". So what does the song "Skip to the Loo, my darling" mean? IS he telling her to skip to the potty?

Geez, the stuff I come up with , I don't know. .
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ping! microwave smiles


I have three 'big' exams coming up this week.
--> MATH-qudaratics, geometry, trig, linear equations
-->ENGLISH- analysis
-->SCIENCE- chem (equation balancing, etc), physics (circuits, volage, electricity)
Anyone have any study tips?
Or ideas to get me motivated to actually study?
muchly appreciated


How come if I *do* dream at night, I don't sleep as well- wake up alot, toss and turn, etc. But if I *don't* dream, I sleep great? What can I do to *not* dream cause it seems like I just am never rested.
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