October 20th, 2002

It's All Good
  • shippo


I realized something a few minutes ago, when the Linux server a few feet from where I was sitting went idle and started up its screensaver. I realized that linux has some really cool screensavers, thanks to a little package called XScreensaver. They've got some screenshots if you're interested. (Static images hardly do justice, though.)

In all my years as a Windows user, I've found three screensavers that I've liked. The BSOD Screensaver, Matrix32 (which, ironically, is a Win32 port of one of the XScreensavers) and After Dark, which was kinda like XScreensaver for Windows 3.x. (I'm sure some of you may remember the "Flying Toasters" of that bygone era.)

So, my question is: Why do Windows screensavers suck? or Are there any decent screensavers for Windows? I'd think that there'd be at least some decent screensavers on Windows. After all, Windows is full of frivilous junk, but cool screensavers seem to be absent. =/
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Sex in a bag...

My senior year in High School I had this joke with friends that we would go into the sex toy business when we graduated (that obviously didn't happen) and we would make all kinds of awesome toys and also have a product we called "Sex in a bag". For varying prices you could get a differant amount of products all in one plan brown bag (for privacies sake). I think the combinations were 3, 5, and 10 items. So my question is, if you were going to buy "Sex in a bag", what would your manditory items (in either combination amount) would go in your bag?
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