October 15th, 2002

non-lj significant others

Does anyone have a significant other who doesn't have a lj (and has no interest in getting one) that reads your livejournal? Does it make you feel like you should censor yourself (or at least make more entries friends only)? How about people whose SO has an lj?

My SO reads mine sporatically. It has caused problems in the past because he felt that I "published" something that he thought (and I disagree) he should have known about first. I am reluctant to make more entries friends only because:
a. I have some close friends and family who read it but don't have ljs themselves
b. how else can random people learn about you ? ;)

Is Banning an Effective Statement?

Have you ever banned someone from you LJ? Under what conditions would you?

Do you ban people as a political statement, or just for expediency?

I've never banned someone, and I've been banned twice now (by two connected people) for purely political reasons, as I was very friendly and had received no requests to stop posting.

I wouldn't ban unless the person kept being disruptive on my LJ after I had asked them a few times to stop.
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Got Milk?

Why is milk advertised as such a healthful product, when it has:
70(!!!) calories from fat, 5g of saturated fat(!!), 35mg of cholesterol, 130mg of sodium and 12g of sugars(!) ?

do its benefits outweigh everything else? it doesn't seem to have all that many of 'em.