October 9th, 2002

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This quarter, I'm required to write a short paper for an ethics class that I am taking. It's only a six-page paper, so it's no big deal for me. However, I have no idea what I should write about. I've thought about writing about the ethical implications of "spyware" software (the ad-delivering software included with KaZaA, et. al.). Stuff like abortion, stem-cell research/theraputic cloning, and euthanasia are also perennial favorites for ethical debate. I'm not sure, though. Does anybody have any other interesting topics that I could write about?
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Exhaust: Yum

If drivers had to breathe all the exhaust fumes they put out the way bikers and walkers (and users of other environmentally-friendly transportation) have to, would they still drive?

Have you ever noticed....

that if you really hate a song, you know every damn word?? I absolutely DESPISE "sk8r boi" by Ankle Biter, er Avril and it comes on, and I start singing like I actually like the song. Then I realize, OMG its that chick with no talent, and am forced to change the station. *giggles*


Do you have a song that you can play over and over and over and over and over and not get sick of?

for me, it's "What it takes" by Aerosmith
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Can domeone please read this and tell me if it follows the iambic pentameter foot required of traditional english sonettes? I have a hard time catching the accents making sure that I've placed them right and stuff.
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It's been a while...

Friday I will be getting a new kitty cat. My friend is giving him to me as a birthday present. She found him on the road after having been hit by a car, took him to work (she is a vet tech) and saved his life. He has now been declawed on the front paws, nutered (sp?) and had it's rabies shoot, it's between 8 and 10 months old. Tonight I bought a food and water dish, litter box (had the litter already) kitten food, a few toys, a collar, kitty treats, and a cat carrying box. It's been almost 2 years since I've had a cat and over 10 since I've had a kitten. Is there anything I should/can do to make his transition into my home easier (for both him and myself and my parents)? What other random tips does anyone have?

PS sorry if you get this more than once, it's been cross posted a bunch hehe.
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