October 8th, 2002

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apologies for the vulgarity...

...but two phrases bug me even though I have been known to say them ----> "fuckin' A!" and "jesus H. christ!"

what does the A mean? what does the H mean? where did they come from?
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Myself and four of my friends are all running as a team for the editorship of our school paper- kinda a student run opinions/humour thing.
We're currently campaigning and could use all the help we can get. Any campaign ideas?
We're looking mostly at posters, things that will be eye-catching or amusing.
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Good earplugs

I'm a college student and my neighbors are annoying and loud at night. So abnormal, I know. ^_~ But I wanted to know, does anyone know of good earplugs to use? I don't care if they're disposable/nondisposable/whatever, just that they're good enough to block out my neighbor's loud talking, music, and TVs and don't make me feel like I've got the headcold from hell. Thanks ahead of time. ^^
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