October 1st, 2002

how dumb

k so i asked that question on here... i already read the community rules and i am in so many communities i forgot which one i wasnt allowed to ask those questions in.. so i thought to myself, "hmm, this is a random questions community... maybe i can ask it in here?" well gee, who woulda thought that in a question community you can't ask simple questions? (and thats my question for this post, since there hasta be a question in every post)

thank you, silvermask for at least trying to help... and everyone else, those kinds of things aren't found on the LJ FAQ page... i looked last night. thats why i looked here. anyways, silvermask, if you could help me id appreciate it, cause it seems as tho you know what you're talking about. but since we can't talk about codes on this one, can i comment in your journal? (look, another question!)

and for all of you who think that those questions arent good enough, heres another...

has anyone ever wondered why grass is green and called grass? or why the sun is called the sun and its yello?
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A good resource and a question

In reverse order, just to make sure we're all paying attention...

I'm trying to find song lyrics for The Dismemberment Plan's first album, entitled "!". I've tried scouring the internet, emailing the band, posting messages on the message boards, etc. Anyone know of a good resource for hard to find lyrics?

In addition, I've been privy to a website that is quite good and interesting and has answered a lot of questions that I've had, but didn't know I had them at the time. Like, how to cut a deck of cards one handed and so on. http://www.everything2.com is the place and it's a huge database that is cross-referenced with loads of topics. So doing a search on "how to cut a deck of cards one handed" will bring back results, but also similar links like poker odds, cribbage rules and stories like "The time I lost my younger sister in a game of Texas Hold 'Em. I could (and have) spent hours there and thought it would be a good place for us answer seekers to visit on occasion.
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Have you ever heard of the "Absinthe Monster?"

I posted something in another community using this icon and someone asked me if I knew that it was the Absinthe monster. I asked him about it but he never answered.
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Adventures in hi-fi

I've got two questions. They're both about the same subject matter, so I'll ask both in one post:
  1. Does anyone know of any reasonably-priced headphones in the $20 to around $50-ish range that don't suck? I prefer the larger ones that cover the ears, although I am open to suggestions. Ear buds are out of the question, though. I can't keep them in my ears.

  2. I had an interesting discussion with one of my coworkers today about the quality of various audio systems. He seems to think that a phonograph and a tube amp yields higher audio fidelity than a CD player with a solid-state amp. I tend to disagree, because the act of playing a record is going to degrade the quality of the vinyl because of wear-and-tear caused by the needle. Granted, a high-end phonograph will beat the snot out of a cheap "Magnetbox" CD player anyday. Is anybody here an "audiophile" with an opinion on this subject? I'd be grateful to hear it.
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