September 30th, 2002



Just curious, I started my lj late August and I think about it alot...

Has your interest in live journal increased/decreased over time? :)

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Hi, I'm Bailey. I'm new here. :-)

Does anyone remember a late 80's McDonalds campaign called 'Do The Arches?' The tag line went along with a gesture of putting both hands on your head, like the "M" from "YMCA." Although I was young at the time, 5 or so, I remember this commercial because whenever there was a holiday special on TV on Friday nite, like Charlie Brown, Garfield, etc, my dad always had to tape it because the next morning, I didn't understand why I couldn't watch it again. :-) I grew up watching a lot of those old tapes, and noone seems to remember this commercial.

I remember a kid sitting in a window seat and a guy jumps up doing the arches, and there is also a chimp at the end doing the arches.

"Do it breakfast, do it lunch (something, something) you can do the archessss! Ooooh!"

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What are you views on underage drinking?
Do you/did you drink under the age of 21?
Do you/did you have parental concent? Supervision?
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OK, remember the Billy Joel song "We Didn't Start The Fire?" THe video goes thru different eras while the song highlights notable events.

My question is this:

does anyone understand the video? Upon viewing it, I first thought it was the same family thru the years, but now I think it's supposed to be different families. Argh. I'm so lost.

Anyone know?

The video is available on kazaa, or you can contact me and I will send it. Thanks guys. :-)