September 24th, 2002

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What's the deal with people putting lines of xo's in their posts/emails/whatever? For example, xoxoxoxoxoxox before their name in the signature.
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Paid accounts

Paid accounts. I know we've discussed them before.

But what are the benefits if a community is on a paid account rather than a free one?
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MISC: Go Ask Alice

I'm new *waves hello*

I have a question that you websavvy folks might be able to answer for me...

Does anyone know of a good website where I can get neat backgrounds and other images? I don't even know where to begin to look...

*hopes that question doesn't violate any rules of the club*

Thanks in advance...
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cathy's palette

(no subject)

hey, newbie here...
does anyone know of a invader zim community? the community search is down... and i want to join NOW.
i was also wondering about a sifl and olly community... can anyone help?
if not, thanks anyway.


Yeah, soooo as of late I have a new interest... possible chance with this person and it got me thinking...

What do you look for in a significant other?
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My question is... Was I wrong?

Yeah, ok.. I'm a bitch...
...but this girl asked for it!!

Ok, so I am taking a nice walk with Drew and Clay, minding my own business. We were just enjoying ourselves. I was talking to them, and they were smiling and talking back. Suddenly, this woman looks at them, makes a nasty face and says, "ugh, I hate babies.." I swear, this woman looked at them like they were some kind of disgusting fungus growing on her toenail! I was in shock. I looked at her and said, "Well THANK GOODNESS, people as ugly as you shouldn't reproduce ANYWAY!" She was stunned She acted as though I attacked her for no good reason. Did she really think I would not react to her rude comment? Yeah ok.. Not everyone likes babies. Yeah, ok.. I don't expect everyone to like babies.. But for crying out loud, don't tell someone pushing two sweet 10 month old babies around that you hate them. AND THE LOOK SHE GAVE THEM! How could anyone look at a baby the way she did? *grumble*

Was I wrong for telling her she was ugly? LOL My bosses laughed and were also in shock that someone would say that. Catherine and her mother laughed so hard when I told them at dinner. Catherine also pointed out that I was wearing my Brooklyn t-shirt and that the woman should have known not to mess with me.. heh..
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