September 17th, 2002

questions du jour

Two locale-specific questions:

First, did my eyes deceive me or did I spot the_curmudgn in Austin traffic this morning, about 10:30am on I-35 southbound? It looked very much like the guy in his userpic. Obviously, he's the authoritative answer to this one ;-)

Second, there's a place called Church's Chicken near where I'm working this week. Is it any good?
get rid of bush

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say you're talking on your cell phone. say you're talking about something illegal -- not just the ever-popular terrorism but drugs or stealing a car or something. how likely is it that the government would be listening? could they do anything with that information? how does that all work?
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how funky is your chicken?

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Poll #60862 When reading your friends' entries, you:

When reading your friends' entries, you:

Read, but rarely (if ever) comment
Comment when you have something to say
Find something to say and comment no matter what
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In relation to portable music players which do you think is better

A discman?
A Minidisc player thingie?
An MP3 player?

or if you really want

A walkman?

Just wondering.. cause I'm lending towards the mini disc but I want opinions ^^
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