September 16th, 2002

  • valera

got milk?

why do people use the word "fuck" as something offensive?
e.g. shut the FUCK up, or FUCK YOU, or many many other examples you can come up with yourself.
isn't fucking/having sex rather fun. why would you want to fuck someone you don't like. or how does one shut the "fuck" up? does that mean something like "stop having sex?"
It's All Good
  • shippo

(no subject)

I ripped a metric butt-load of mp3s from CDs this weekend. Unfortunately, without my knowledge, my ripping program inserted track numbers into the comment field of the ID3V1 metatag. For consistency's sake, I'd prefer the comment field to be blank.

So, does anyone know of a command-line program that will let me strip out the comment field, an ActiveX control that does the same thing, or C/C++ code or a library that'll let me do the same thing? Basically, what I want is something that will allow me to go recursively through my mp3 folder and wipe the comment field on every one., whether it's done via a VBScript, or a program.

Any ideas?
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