September 5th, 2002

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In addition to a condom, what's the most effective over-the-counter contraceptive?

If anyone knows any info, or can tell me where to find it (fairly inconspicuously, heh), I would be grateful.

Thanks in advance!
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Michael Bluth

Partially used computer paper uses

Due to my dealings in an office environment, I've got on hand a large quantity of old computer paper (old memos, form letters, etc) that could be used again (only printed on one side) for internet print-offs or notes, etc.

My question is, does anyone have a good use for them? I take home a handful every month for personal use, but I don't use nearly the amount our department produces. Are there places to donate paper instead of just shredding/recycling it?
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How in the sam hill can my disk be formatted and working fine last night and earlier today, yet when I go to open it, it says it isn't formatted? Oh and it works in Safe Mode.


Just joined the community -- I'm a political science major, and I've got a question, okay 2, I guess...

1) Did you vote? Why or why not?
2) Is it more important to have a lot of people vote, and have most of those voters be uninformed, or is it better to only have about 50% (fewer in off-year elections) of eligible voters voting, but at least they are the ones who care and are informed?