September 3rd, 2002

  • tridus

Human Resources

Are Human Resources people from another planet?

No, I'm serious. Between them and marketing folks, I can't figure out how I can possibly come from the same civilization as they do.

The marketing folks invent things like "synergy" and then try to pretend they actually have some meaning, while the HR people seem to think that "working in a team" is more important then any actual skill. I mean really, getting to work with a bunch of morons who I have to organize is NOT a selling point. (this is not a rant against my current job, the people who I work with are quite competitant people who I like. But I didn't get this job based on teamwork, I got it because I'm smart.)

They come up with insane policies, interviews and job applications are full of crazy stuff that seems to have nothing to do with reality, and so on.

So can somebody explain this to me? Are these people from Mars, or what?
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2, mashi2

(no subject)

1) What causes dizziness?

2) Is the air conditioning on in subways in winter? I see "Air Conditioned Car" stickers in all of the subways here right now, so if air conditioning was off, would they have to remove all of them?

3) If you're still in school, and school has started already, how is it so far?
It's All Good
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(no subject)

Why do web browsers have a "Go" button? To me this button seems kinda useless, because hitting enter after typing in a URL seems a whole lot faster than clicking "go."

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