August 29th, 2002

Mystical from ljuser over

This Is Proof of How Outdated I am

All I am reading about forever here is Burning Man this, Burning Man that. Everyone is going. What IS Burning Man. Is it like Woodstock? I don't do radio, or MTV, so if it is a band, I'm not familiar with them.

Okay, you may be amused by my stupid question. Let the loonacy comence.
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does anyone know anything about ear damage? I have this ringing, more like a whooshing, in my right ear that comes and goes and I'm a bit concerned. I started noticing it right after a big fat party (with loud music blaring out of large speakers) in *january* and it still hasn't gone away. I'm okay with the fact that I might have permanently damaged something in my ear, but is this whooshing a sign of any other health problems?
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Zombies Hate Fast Food

my first question!

i saw this saying on a t-shirt and couldn't figure out what it means. so i'm asking here! what does "i'm living the life of an after school special" mean?! and thanks!
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